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Dear all
I had a discussion with a new friend in IK and he has many important points about IFFA. I would like to share them with you. It's time to wake up. We have now 4 years to do something for our team...

fakhfour jan, thanks for the link to the IFFA site. I congratulate you and all those who started this project which aims to expand a noble cause.Please let me comment as follows:

IFFA would be Interesting, Effective and Unique if you get recognised officially by FIFA as you aim to obtain it through your petition letter. But, IMHO, I think administrationally, your procedure would not be acceptable by FIFA. do you know what are the criterias in order to obtain such recognition truely? Personally, I do not know the criteria but as FIFA is the richest sportive association in the world, I believe and will not be surprised that they direct you to IFF which is the recognised national Iranian federation by FIFA. In my knowledge and up to my experience, the big organisations aim to associate themselves with organisations which are able to promote rightly their names, therefore they may require:

  1. History: It means that the association has a code (definition of its non-lucrative targets, miscellaneous procedures, limitations, penalties, audited accounts ...), and that it has been active for some time (with necessary supportive documents) and has already achieved set targets in the past towards its activities (with necessary supportive documents).
  2. Organisational Flow Chart: How the association is organised and WHO (real persons with real identities) are the key responsibles and their knowledgeability in their position.
  3. Job Description Sheet: What are the responsibilities of each key positions and other positions labeled in the follow chart.
  4. Association's location: (a real address, I believe in the case of IFFA, FIFA requires the address to be in IRAN otherwise it is difficult to prove the efficiency of such organisation out of Iran under IFFA nomination) An official and real address where members can gather for organisational and operational matters.
  5. List of members: Which is true and contain the full necessary information in regard to the trueness of the person's existance. I believe the list must contain a very exntensive number of members (to be checked) for being considered as a fair representation of the Iranian Fans.
  6. Official site: Where all activities, schedules, minutes related to the regular association meetings and new projects are communicated and discussed.

fakhfour jan, I believe that in order to benefit officially of the name: IRANIAN FOOTBALL FANS ASSOCIATION you must first get recognised by IFF which is a recognised national federation by FIFA. I truly hope that I understood the idea of IFFA right and my suggestions have not been made upon a wrong understanding of the whole concept. If you think what I said sounds right, I suggest the followings:

  1. Preparation of an official code of rules and regulations.
  2. Preparation of the Flow Chart of the association up to the requirements of the law and the specific needs of the association
  3. Preparation of the Job Description of each title included in association's Flow Chart.
  4. Appointment of the President of the association (through a general vote)
  5. Appointment of the Key responsibles in the association (by the President but subject to member's acceptance)
  6. Preparation of a plan by the president and definition of the targets to be reached within a year.
  7. Expansion of the number of members by personal invitation and through an active marketing of the Association in different Iranian football related sites. It is important that the membership of each person can be supported by necessary documents.
  8. Becoming Active: Massive presence during the TM's international matches in the stadiums with banners (pictures must be taken and articles must be prepared). Official letters must be addressed to IFF and cc to FIFA. Extra activities outside the stadiums before and after the matches (TM and IPL) must be organised (always using IFFA banners and pictured thoroughly). This is a very important point to show you are ACTIVE in the field.

NOTE: I have no idea if Associations must be registered officially by law in the Economics Department (if yes, location, contact numbers, postal code, ... are required!

Sorry again for being long but I try to contribute the best I can in order to make such concepts happen! I hope having been positive in my suggestions.





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